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ABOUT is a simple digital pocket guide and info homepage directory of Sydney in one simple website. Its a quick and simple index page/list of Sydney. Yes, just an index page/list, a digital list about SYDNEY, things to do, see, visit, experience, business, services and opportunities in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. is like a Menu of Sydney, a digital list about Sydney.
The purpose of this website is to be a go to website, homepage and digital list of Sydney. So, in here you will find list with short information more than detail information. was born to help you introduce with Sydney by listing common/popular and useful list of Sydney. Once you are familiar with the list and want to know more in detail then you make your own way online and launch into the deep and wide about Sydney. is your friend you didnt even know you had and also a friend which you will never meet. But will still be your friend. is a privately managed website. It is not owned or manged by large business, organisation or corporation. This is a one man project and always work in progress with regular updates adding more content, info, links and photos. So, please keep visiting for latest content, photos and updates. is part of a large family spread across the world but some lives locally in Sydney CBD. One of them lives in the heart of Sydney CBD, Pitt St Mall. Please say hello to: The other lives by the waterfront in Darling Harbour. Please say hello to: And the next one lives just north of Darling Harbour. Please, say hello to:

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