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Advertise in is a one man project, a privately managed website with a simple mission to share Sydney in one simple website. Listing Sydney's business and service, useful information, things to do and see and photos of Sydney in one simple website.

Only Sydney is focused on Sydney related content and information and Sydney based business and service. If you are a business or service owner/provider in Sydney and like to reach to Sydney locals or visitors who are in Sydney. Then please read on to know more about advertising in Only Sydney.

I like to keep advertising service and format simple but effective and cheap. Advertising service that everyone can understand, benefit, profit and afford. Its a $1 dollar a day advertising service. My idea is for $1 dollar a day your Sydney based business and service brand or company's 100px by 50px logo will be displayed under one of the category list or page that is relevant to your business or service and linked to your website or blog.

Page/Category like: Hotel, Restaurant, Lawyer, Shopping, Cafe, Plumbing, Real Estate, Recruitment Agency, Marketing, Architecture, Interior Design, Insurance, Bank, Web Design, College, Mobile, Internet Service etc.

The advertising format in Only Sydney is different to rotational ad/banner display advertising. In Only Sydney advertising format ad/brand/logo will be displayed in a relevant page/category in which you paid for your brand/logo to be displayed. It will also display other similar ad/brand/logo in that particular page/category. Its like a simple online advertising billboard page. Logo will be displayed as seen at the bottom of this page.

Remember your everyday coffee from a coffee shop cost at least $3.50 and your takeway lunch cost at least $10.00. But for the fraction of that coffee or a lunch money you can get your brand/logo published in Only Sydney website. This advertising service/format in Only Sydney is the bargain of the century and definately not to be missed.

This is a one man project, so I personally manage everything: domain registration, building website, hosting website, taking photos, posting, writing and updating content and photos. Which means when it comes to advertising in Only Sydney, you will be interacting with one man and locally in Sydney, its like interacting with your friends and families and in a personal level, one to one, supporting local business and service, by Sydney local for Sydney local.

I live close to Sydney CBD and will be happy to meet with business and service owners in person to discuss my advertising service, in the "CITY" or outside CBD if its within a short travel distance from the CBD. As, I prefer and would be very much interested to know business and service owner in person and establish a lasting business/service relationship.

You still interested?
Tel: Available once we establish email communication.

Only Sydney is focused on Sydney related content, information and Sydney based business and service.
But, if you own and operate business and service outside of Sydney in other cities and states of Australia and like this advertising idea, please visit:

$1 Dollar a day advertising service in

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